Lockwood And Santonastaso Win Big In Innovation Tilt

While the use of mobile phones may become detrimental to productivity and any other aspects in life without proper discipline and control, it could still beget a lot of positive outcomes if you know how to use them well. In fact, who would have thought that a Mobile Orientation App that includes college campus maps which were inspired by the increasing reliance of students on their mobile phones could earn two student coordinators the grand prize in return?

Just recently, at the annual CU Innovation and Efficiency Awards, Nick Lockwood, the director of orientation and new student outreach as well as Hailey Santonastaso bagged the first prize along with the one thousand five hundred dollar University Controller’s Award of Excellence.

UCCS Mobile Orientation App

The two were able to develop a mobile orientation app for their students. Lockwood and Santonastaso confided that their idea started when they noticed during the orientation that the students were highly reliant with their mobile phones. In fact, most of the students took pictures of the slides during the PowerPoint presentation, others signed up for academic departments’ Facebook pages, and most of them even utilized campus maps online.

The two said that the app would serve as an avenue for them to make their teaching style suitable to the students’ learning styles as well. Through the help of their team, Lockwood and Santonastaso were able to design the UCCS Mobile Orientation App where the students could readily access the needed orientation materials. As a feature of the said app, students could stay updated on the flow of events in the orientation and all the things that they need to know about it.

Competition with Other Universities

While on the process of developing the app, Lockwood and Santonastaso discovered that some other universities were trying to do the same things as well. And thus, they tried to reach out to peer institutions to have some inputs regarding the priorities that their app must focus on.

Therefore, through their hard work and collaborative efforts, they have successfully developed the application which contained massive important information including college campus maps and introduction to campus resources as well.

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