Maxi-Cosi Launches First Child Car Seat With Built-In Airbags

With technology and engineering advancing as they are, new developments in vehicles and vehicular interiors for both safety and comfort like anti-crumple zones and Neosupreme seat coversĀ are being released, with people now being more assured in the security of their cars.

For those looking to compliment their kids are as safe and as they are with their airbags and Neosupreme seat covers, there’s some good news, as Maxi-Cosi has recently just launched its newest product; a kiddie car seat equipped with built-in airbags. Dubbed the AxissFix Air, this new seat was developed as part of a collaboration between Maxi-Cosi and Helite, a French mobile airbag company.

The new car seat was designed for kids from four months of age to four years, with a height range of 24-42 inches, and a weight limit of 42 lbs (19.05kg). The seat features a swiveling base capable of rotating 360 degrees, allowing it to be used as a rear-facing child seat, capable of holding a kid 2 years of age and/or below 32 inches in height. The seat keeps the tykes in with ISOFIX tethers that adhere to international child seat standards.

The key feature that sets this seat apart will only make itself known in case of accident, with a built-in airbag capable of activating in 0.05 seconds thanks to sensor triggers mounted on the kiddie seat, which deflate immediately once they’re no longer needed.

R&D Director at Dorel Juvenile in Europe, Eric Viollette says that the R&D department have been looking into how airbags could be used to keep kids in their car seats safe. He says that this development, aimed at improving airbag safety for the little ones, came, thanks to successful developments seen in current airbag technology, such as motorcycle airbag jackets and airbag seatbelts.

Currently, the AxissFix Air child seat is only available in the UK, with no word as to a release across the pond. For the Brits, most parenting stores in the country have stocks of the seat, with a suggested retail price of about $783. The seat comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in blue, black, or grey.

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