Notice Required From Tour Operators Prior To Entering Similan Islands Park

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, also known as TAT, is calling to all the tour operators in the country that they must give prior notice if they plan to bring tourists boats and gain entry into the Mu Ko Similan National Park. This is not required for Similan islands liveaboard but the warning should be headed by these tour groups.

According to the announcement posted by TAT, there are four different places where one can pay for the entrance fee going to the Mu Ko Similan National Park – Park’s Office located on ThapLamu mainland, Park Ranger Unit 1 located in KoMieng, Park Ranger Unit 2 located in Ko Similan and Park Ranger Unit 3 which can be found at KoTachai. The last three are all under the island archipelago.

TAT noted that the amount for the entrance fee of the Mu Ko Similan National Park has been set at 500 while children needs only to pay 300. This statement was contradicted by Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation which is currently managing all the national parks that are found within Thailand. DNP said that for Thai nationals, the quotes are much lower at only 100 baht for adults while children needs to for out 50 baht only.

There is a limit set for the number of visitors each day from Ko Si going to KoPaet which is at only until 1,625 and nothing more. For guest coming from KoPaet and heading to Ko Si, the limit is only until 1,700 visitors. Tourists that are planning to dive should not exceed over 525 each day. TAT also clarified that since the ban that occurred on June of 2018, it is no longer legal to stay at Similan Islands for an overnight stay.

A warning has already been released for boat without approval because they will not be allowed to enter Mu Ko Similan National Park. Those who are experiencing Similan islands liveaboard might have to stay on their boats if they wish to remain overnight as the order has already been implemented.

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