Orange County To Spend $26M For Trash Facility

It is not easy to deal with garbage nowadays as it is one of the leading problems of countries all over the world. For some, this is a business opportunity such as for junk removal Orange County as they offer services to clients who want to dispose of things but do not want to add them on the landfill. The entire county is in sync with their desire to handle garbage and wastes properly but it might cost a lot for them to implement this.

According to recent news, a contract worth $26 million was awarded by county commissioners to the new trash facility that will be constructed in L.B. McLeod Road. This is one of only two trash hubs that are managed by the county. This is where curbside trash is dumped after collection from neighborhood. The transfer station serves as a hub since this is where bigger trucks come to transport the trash to the landfill.

The station used to be under the ownership of Orlando. It was established in 1960 when it was launched as an incinerator.

The local government has a lot of responsibility to fulfill from providing safe drinking water to safety protection in the form of fire and police authorities to garbage collection and disposal. This is not only on the local government level like Central Florida but it applies to the whole country.

In 2017, the McLeod Road trash facility was able to handle more than 200,000 tons of wastes while in 2018 it received 167,000 tons. It was not able to operate normally for a couple of months last year because of a fire accident.

Orange County currently has one of the biggest solid-waste facilities in Florida but for the last two years there have been talks of replacing it. The solid waste division’s manager for Orange County, David Gregory, said that the facility is already old and dingy, not to mention outdated. This is why it is to be demolished to make way for a modern facility. This will work hand-in-hand with private companies offering junk removal Orange County to make sure that the whole county is always clean.

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