Phuket Now Selling Royal Coronation Brooches

Phakaphong Tavipatana, the governor of Phuket, spearheaded the ceremony that was organized in honor of His Majesty The King. During the event, it was also formally announced that Royal Coronation brooches are now available for sale in Phuket. Tourists who are boarding catamaran charter in Phuket can drop by Big C to get their own authentic brooch.

Governor Phakaphong said that everyone who is interested to buy their official coronation pins can purchase them at Big C. He also requested that residents put up a picture of His Majesty on their homes as well as post the royal standard.

Big C Thailand’s southern district director, Rattaphat Sinpul, was the one who gave the welcome speech for the governor during the event. He said that the right to sell the brooches for the Royal Coronation was exclusively granted to Big C. In the entire country, there are five regions with Big C branches. In total, there are 30 branches where the brooches can be bought.

However, for the province of Phuket, only one Big C outlet is authorized to sell the brooches and it is the one located on the bypass road.

Mr. Rattaphat said that the launch during the event was already the second round for Big C sales of Royal brooches. The first round started on the 25th of April wherein 5,000 branches were released to be sold.

During the event, an additional 2,500 brooches were put on sale and at the beginning of this month the third round was already started with another batch of 2,500. The brooches for sale can be bought at 300 baht each.

Mr. Rattaphat expressed his gratitude to be a part of this year’s Royal Coronation. He said that this event will be a part of history of Thailand for many generations to come.

For those who are booking catamaran charter in Phuket and cannot drop by Big C, online sale is also available through the Office of the Permanent Secretary. It is the only official site allowed to sell the brooches. Orders are also accepted by the Thailand Post website for those who miss the sale.

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