Pope Francis Visits Opticians In Loftus

Pope Francis left the Vatican for a personal and usual errand to scout for new eyeglasses. He needed to see opticians in Loftus for new visual aids.

The pope arrived at twilight at the Ottica Spiezia riding his elegant Ford Focus. His bodyguards and some plainclothes police accompanied him to the swank Via del Babuino, a witness Daniel Soehe said.

Alessandro Spiezia, the shop owner informed the press that he added new lenses to his existing frames. He said that last year he also made the pope’s eyeglasses and that he wanted a new one to see things clearly.

Spiezia was happy to see the pope have his eyeglasses changed with new lenses. The pope even had video footage taken when he tried his new eyeglasses that was being fitted by Spiezia and his assistant. It’s a similar experience when opticians in Loftus feel they have been visited by a Holy Man.

The pope only spent less than an hour on Spiezia’s shop. An enormous crowd mobbed outside, few grabbing his arm while he got into his car on the way back to the Vatican.

Francis complained that he can no longer walk ordinarily in public places, unlike those in Buenos Aires, where he just rode a public transport to eat pizza.

However, he has a chance to go out of the Vatican, probably a visit to St. Mary Major basilica, on the eve of his foreign trip and while he returned home. But even when the pope renewed his Argentine passport, its ambassador came to the Holy See to see him.

A German tourist touring Rome with his father, Soehe, said he was astonished at how the pope tried his eyeglasses in the shop. Earlier in a day, he patiently waited for four hours just to climb the top of St. Peter’s basilica.

“They found so many people especially that the president of Israel was around with many police officers. It was just too much for us so we headed back to our hotel,” Soehe said.

“I told my Dad that it was better seeing the pope trying to fit his new glasses in opticians in Loftus shop.”

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