Production Of Rare Type Of Lebanese Cheese Might End Soon

Lebanese cuisine is one of the best dishes in the world and this is the reason why many tourists who are planning to visit Thailand make sure that they book a hotel near Lebanese food in Bangkok in order to experience the food in a new perspective. For food enthusiasts who love Lebanese food and cheese at the same time, it might be a sad day because there is a possibility that the rarest and oldest cheese in the world might no longer be in production soon.

The cheese is said to be the best of all the other cheeses in the world and it is made in the country of Lebanon. The process involves in making the rare cheese is traditional and quite complicated.

According to reports made by BBC, the cheese is known to be as Ambarees. It has been discovered 2,000 years ago and being consumed up to this day. The Ambarees cheese is made inside jars made of clay. Currently, most of the cheese is produced by a small town located in Lebanon called Baalbek. This is usually done during the summer season and during the early months of the season of fall.

As of writing, there is only a handful of practitioners left who are making the cheese through the traditional method it was originally produced. The process starts with the clay jay being filled with milk and then a cloth will be used to cover the jar. As soon as the water and milk are separated, they will remove the plugs located at the bottom of the jar. This way the water is allowed to drain out.

Starting the month of May until October, they will add salt and milk to the curd twice every week while it continues to dry up. With this method, the cheese is able to stay fresh for as long as one year. This method is also recognized to be the oldest when it comes to food preservation. Homemade version of the cheese might be replaced with commercial ones and the traditional method might die along with it. It is time to book a hotel near Lebanese food in Bangkok and try out this rare cheese before it is totally gone in the market.

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