Proposition For An Emergency Exit Using Home Security Bars

In the Southern part of Memphis, many homes are seen to be surrounded with security bars especially in the Severson Street. This is the same location where the fatal fire happen leading to the death of nine individuals.

There are bars that come with key locks while others have hinges so they can push to swing outward. There are also bars that come with no hinges and it can pose a great risk in case a fire breaks out.

According to Shirley Kneal, she was able to convince her landlord to replace the type of locks that are used in her home through threats she threw at him.

Kneal shared that they have employed security locks which can be accessed in case of fire. Many residents might see the security lock in the other parts of the building but not many will stop to think on how the mechanism works. There is a big possibility that one might forget where they have kept the key so in case of fire occupants will be able to use the exit and come out which is safer.

In order to be safer during fires, key deadbolts should be replaced with bolts that twist and turn. The fire department is sending out warnings to homeowners to inspect the kind of system that they have installed in their homes.

According to Lt. Wayne Cooke who works for the Memphis Police Department, the existing system can be upgraded. There are available kits that can be installed or hire someone to install them to the bars so it will have an upgrade. There is also another option that can be added which is a quick release tool. Homeowners have the option to consult with companies that specialize with security doors so they will have an idea on how much they need to spend to have an upgrade.

There are many options that will prove to be useful in the future. If you are not sure, check out your local locksmith in Perth.

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