Research Building In Virginia Damaged By Fire Due To Electrical Problems

An email was sent out by the fire code official in charge in the Town of Blacksburg Fire Department, Wayne Garst. According to the email, the incident that took place at 4076 Prices Fork Road was contained through the efforts of 11 apparatus, 36 firefighters who responded on the site including 14 firefighters on duty. There are also two tankers and an engine that was deployed by the Longshop McCoy Fire Department. The team from Blacksburg arrived at the site around 8:52 in the evening and by that time, the only remains of the research facility of the Virginia Tech was its skeletal foundation. The facility was constructed in three phrases and building construction started in 1960.

Just two weeks before the fire incident, a new heating system was installed inside the building and some are concerned about it. There was a complaint from one of the occupants of the building regarding the smell of propane that has been in the facility for several days. After an investigation, propane explosion was ruled out. The propane tank was not functioning properly because of compromised lines thus it is one of the factors why the fire was able to accelerate faster than it should have.

Garst said that it is vital that the proper authorities should know about any potential problems so that it can be investigated thoroughly. Garst clarified that the propane tanks are not the reason why the fire started in the first place despite the statement of the witnesses hearing a number of explosions.

Four days after the fire incident, the investigators were able to find out about the cause of the fire and it turns out that there is an electrical malfunction that occurred in the living room module located in FutureHAUS. This is the only reason why there was a fire in the first place. The report stated that the module frame mashed an automatic door by accident this a fire started. To avoid such unfortunate incidents, home owners and building managers should hire Gold Coast electricians to inspect the electrical system and repair existing problems.

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