Research Shows That A New Form Of Vitamin E Will Protect The Brain And Skin

A new research has supported the claim of the National Institutes of Health that there is indeed a natural form of Vitamin E which can trigger the production of a certain protein in one’s brain and which protects people from stroke. The protein which is referred to as the alpha-tocotrienol or better known as TCT clears the toxins coming from the nerve cells and prevents the cells from dying when stricken with stroke.

Different forms of Vitamin E

Essentially, research tells that Vitamin E occurs naturally in various forms, specifically in 8 forms. These forms are abundant in the Western diet and are also sold as nutritional supplements. The new findings of researchers will prove that TCT will be more effective in preventing the occurrence of stroke damage compared to other drugs. This is according to the scientists at Ohio State University.

When the substance, TCT is orally taken, it will influence the production of a certain protein called the MRP1. This protein will clear away compounds which cause cell death and toxicity as a result of the trauma coming from the blockage of blood flow which are triggered with stroke. According to researcher and professor at the Ohio State Department of Surgery, this is a break through discovery in providing evidence that there is a safe nutrient (a vitamin) which can change the microRNA biology in order to produce a much more favorable outcome of diseases. He further praised the substance referring to it as a gifted molecule. The natural nutritional product will act simultaneously on different targets in order to prevent brain damages occurring usually after one experiences stroke.

Until now, there have been no tests that were performed yet on human beings. However, over the past ten years, there have been numerous studies that showed favorable results on how TCT will protect the brain against the debilitating damage of stroke in cell and animal models.

Healthy Living

It also has to be stressed that one should live a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent diseases and illnesses. Researchers are looking for ways to address these health related issues but it is better to prevent these. In this light, as consumers you should buy organic products whether that be food or an anti wrinkle eye cream or other skin care products.

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