Safety And Sustainability In Food Packaging

Consumers today have become rather discerning over the food products they purchase. The overall preference is organic food that has undergone minimal processing and uncluttered with artificial ingredients. Health-conscious consumers also expect that food packaging will be more ecologically-friendly to prevent them from consuming any accidental ingredients. Brands are now looking forward to packaging solutions that promise minimal impact to health and the environment.

  • To live up to the promise of purity, TruBee Honey is offering glass jars with a high-end look as a safer packaging option. Glass jars as packaging are more appealing to eco-conscious consumers because they can be reused after the contents are consumed.
  • Pacific Foods on the other hand is taking its commitment to sustainability to another level. The Oregon-based company is working towards sustainable packaging to reduce waste in the landfills. It also aims to eliminate food contaminated wastes from its operations. Pacific Foods employs specially made machines to clean waste from its aseptic fillers and packaging materials before it is crushed in preparation for recycling.
  • Stonyfield Farms makes used of WikiPearl protective packaging as a natural packaging solution. The innovative technology makes use of edible packages made from natural ingredients like fruit skins to wrap foods and beverages.
  • Wild Oats makes use of polylactic acid bioplastics that are derived from starchy sources like corn which can biodegrade without harm to health and the environment.

Since most consumers today prefer packaging from natural materials with as few chemicals as possible, a favorable option for manufacturers is paper and plant fiber packaging. Due to the wide concern over unsafe packaging, brands have made the move to phase out polystyrene from its packaging options. Consumers are also becoming concerned of the values of recycling that they increasingly look for packaging with recyclable content. To ease the concerns of consumers, food manufacturers must communicate whatever steps are undertaken towards the safety of packaging.

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