Same-Sex Couple From Sydney Holds Million-Dollar Wedding

Australia’s wedding industry is booming ever since same sex wedding was officially voted to be legal. Many businesses all over the country including an event marquee hire on the Gold Coast are reaping the rewards of the new law. Many of these same-sex couples have been waiting years for their big day to come true and most of them did not hold back in spending thousands for their dream wedding.

A Sydney-based couple, Luke and Damien, did not even bat an eye after spending a million dollars for their wedding. They were planning the wedding for a year and they recently tied the knot last month. Their wedding was then called the wedding of the year in Australia because they spent a million-dollar to plan everything.

The event lasted for four days and they invited 320 guests to celebrate with them. Their invitation instructed the guests to bring nine different sets of outfits that are smart casual as they celebrate their four-day wedding in Forster, New South Wales.

Luke and Damien has been a couple for five years before tying the knot. Upon arrival, the guests have no idea on what was in store for them. When they arrived at the venue, the couple rode a Rolls Royce and they invited six women as their bridesmaid. All of them were provided with designer gowns and their reception was covered with decors made of Swarovski crystal. There are 20,000 flowers used and their cake has 11 layers. The marquee’s ceiling is covered with over a million hanged diamate.

Their entrance caused traffic in Forster-Tuncurry Bridge but they were welcomed with a Lebanese drum group. The guests were provided with 100 glamping tents with fine dining dishes served.The bridal photoshoot  was made extra fun with the installation of a jumping castle. Before their festivities came to an end, the guests were treated to a fireworks display.

According to the couple, the marquee made their wedding extra special. It will be a hit that event marquee hire on the Gold Coast is expecting more bookings in the coming months after inspiration from the wedding that went viral.

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