Scalpers The Number One Enemy Of AFL Ticketing Agents

For huge football fans, they do not mind buying tickets and merchandises from legit AFL store but it is another story when scalpers sell tickets in order to profit big from other people. This is the reason why Gumtree, a classified site, and eBay, an auction site, decided to put on hold the reselling of AFL tickets because authorities are conducting investigations to detect seller that are actually scalpers.

Thousands of fans are looking forward to the much awaited game between Richmond and Collingwood because these teams are considered to be arch rivals in the world of AFL. This is the reason why fans are excited to get their hands on tickets and the sale was already sold out in just a short amount of time after it was opened to the public.

Counting just the fans from the two teams, there are around 180,000 members but not even 40,000 was able to get their hands on tickets which resulted to disappointed to the remaining fans. Once the tickets went sold out, there were tickets sold on auction websites. There are standing-room only tickets that went as high as $1,200 while concession tickets have reached more than $1,600 in bids.

Based on the laws in Victoria, scalping is not legal therefore residents are not allowed to resell their tickets that are classified to be major events with profits over 10 per cent of the amount they have purchased the ticket with.

A spokesperson from the government said that currently there are 65 cases of scalping that are being investigated which involved tickets for the final matches of the AFL. Many of these tickets have been put up for auction.

Online site eBay had already removed 12 of the listings while Gumtree deleted three of the ads because these are against the anti-scalping law to ensure that the preliminary finals of the AFL are not riddled with controversies.

Many of the fans are disappointed because the football organization only sent out 40,000 tickets for sale when almost 100,000 people wanted to get their hands on it. Others have settled going to AFL store to purchase merchandise because they won’t be able to watch the show live.

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