Schools Closed Down In 11 Provinces In Thailand Due To Flooding

The Ministry of Education announced that over 41,000 students’ education have been affected because of severe flooding. These children came from 11 different provinces in the southern part of the country not including the Bangkok British International School which is located in the capital.

BoonruxYodpheth, Office of the Basic Education’s secretary general, said that aside from the residential properties and farmland, schools have also been severely affected by the flooding. These schools are under 26 education zones in various provinces.

Mr. Boonrux together with fellow officials from the Ministry of Education said that they are already starting a campaign to visit the 945 schools in order to give assistance.

The department officials will be assigned to various areas because they have to attend to over 900 schools at once.

Their main focus at the moment is to provide these areas with basic necessities like medicines, water and non-perishable food items. They can also help in uplifting the pupils and the staff as they may be very affected by the flood.

One of the provinces that have suffered severe flooding is Phatthalung since the area is known to be susceptible to mountain torrents of strong levels. It is located next to SongkhlaLake which is overflowing at the moment.

The entire region is still experiencing heavy rainfall thus flash floods continue to happen due to the runoff coming from Banthat Mountain. Officials said that six districts are affected by flooding including Pa Phayom, Pa Bon, Sri Banphot, Tamot, Sri Nakharin and Kong Ra.

The roads of the villages are currently under water due to the high volume of flood water passing through them and the same goes with the Asia 41 Highway. This is the main route used in going to these provinces. A large amount of farmland has also been destroyed because of the flood. According to reports, maximum flood level in these areas is 1.5 meters.

The government needs to devise a long-term solution for the flooding in order to protect schools such as Bangkok British International School as well as all the state and international schools in the country as the children’s education will be affected.

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