Sound Insulation Budget Allowed By Tweed Airport Authority

In a voting help by the Tweed New Haven Airport Authority, the result was unanimous as they decided whether to approve the contract for the residential sound insulation campaign. This is the third phase of the project already and the allotted budget is worth $2.56 million. The money is expected to soundproof approximately 54 residential homes located in East Haven as well as the section in Morris Cove located in New Haven. These homeowners need not spend their own money to buy the best soundproof windows in order to block the noise from the airport.

The majority of the contract was funded by the federal government and was given to the Northeast Noise Abatement Corporation which is based in Warwick, R.I.

The approval was unanimously given by the authority and the task order is worth $774,274 which is allotted for the design as well as construction services. They hired Jones Payne Group Inc., a consultant firm, for the contract which will handle the sound mitigation campaign planned for the fourth phase of the program.

These last two phases are considered to be the two biggest groups of houses to be subjected to the soundproofing program. The first phase was done in 2011 by the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Student. The first homes soundproofed were located in the area surrounding Tweed New Haven Regional Airport.

According to the noise study, there are 184 homes located in both East Haven and New Haven that experience a very high level of outdoor noise. They have determined that the level is considered high enough to be included in the noise mitigation program from the federal fund.

The construction started in 2016 with houses included in the pilot project. The previous summer, they were able to continue the program by soundproofing 12 more houses.

This coming winter, there is an expected minor construction to start the Phase 3. Tweed Airport Manager, Diane Jackson, said that the bulk of houses remaining will undergo construction at the start of spring.

With the help of the federally funded program, homeowners need not install best soundproof windows because soundproofing will be handled by the contractor.

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