Storage Facilities Gutted By Fire In Newport Beach

A storage area in 800 block of Production Place Newport Beach was consumed by a raging fire early Friday. Two of the storage facilities were burned in spite of the immediate response of fire fighters. The four-alarm fire was reported at about 2:30 AM and more than 60 fire fighters were able to knockdown the bulk of fire in two hours or so.

A Plume of smoke coming from the industrial area was seen miles away and residents reported hearing explosions that sounded like gunshots. Although the reason for the fire was still unknown, the nature of the explosion, fire and heat made it highly suspicious. The arson task force of Orange County was called to the scene but their presence does not necessarily mean that the fire was intentionally done.

According to the police boats and vehicles in the storage yard were destroyed by the blaze including some cars that were parked near the location of the fire. Two people who were on the scene when the fire broke out had to be hospitalized due to smoke inhalation and burn injuries. The extent of the burn injuries has not been released. However, the diligence of fire fighters prevented the blaze from spreading to nearby homes

Homeowners were very thankful of the calm weather conditions that spared their homes. There were no winds during the early morning fire but the residents were put on standby in case emergency evacuation became necessary.

Officials are concerned over any hazardous materials that burned and they are still waiting for heavy equipment to move some stuff out of the way. Smoke is still smouldering from some junk at the back of the storage facilities. As the fire fighters were trying to mop up the mess, officials are trying to prevent contaminated water from flowing into the storm drains that lead directly to the ocean.

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