Students Received New Media Centre From Office Supplies Industry

A number of businesses under the office supplies industry decided to form a partnership in order to help aid the project for a new media centre which will be used by the students enrolled in SCWA or Stationers Crown Woods Academy, a five-star establishment located in Eltham in east London.

The media centre has state of the art technology and was available to students since last month. It was sponsored by The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. The furniture and fittings of the media centre were availed for a discounted price through the partnership of various office supplies business including Verco Office Furniture, Abbotts Office Solutions and Office Power.

Sue Pandit is the court assistant and liveryman of Stationers Company, SCWA’s deputy chair of governor as well as the chairman of the planning group under Digital Media Center. According to her, it took them two years to accomplish the project and they are happy to announce that the Stationers Digital Media Center is now available to be used for teaching. Students from all over SCWA will be able to experience firsthand the state of the art technology and equipment along with an environment that exudes professionalism.

She added that the centre was designed with the latest digital media vision in mind to be brought in SCWA. Majority of the funding for the centre’s design, the construction work of the building, the furniture and fittings used as well as the hardware and software used by the IT department are all donations given to the Stationers Foundation which is the charitable foundation working in cooperation with Stationers Company.

According to the deputy head of SCWA, Emma Smith, the launching of the new Digital Media Center inside SCWA is designed to introduce the students into a real life newsroom or a design studio that they can only see in major newspaper and magazine companies. The equipment used is all compliant to industry standards and the contemporary office furniture gave the centre a professional ambiance. The centre will help students learn to work in a realistic environment.

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