Teaching Students To Love English

The Star started an initiative called Newspaper in Education (NiE) Step Up. This is where Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi decided to join in and donated an amount of RM 5,000 to four different schools located in Penang that focuses on their native language. His donation was fueled by his aim for the students to learn about the English language.

The sponsorship includes a combo package that is composed of various organizations such as The Star Newspaper, The Star Newspaper in Education (NiE) Step Up pullout, the First Aid in Spelling as well as Kuntum monthly magazine which will be given from the month of February and the last package will be sent on November.

According to the chairman of the clan, Datuk Seri Khoo Keat Siew, foreigners who will master the English language will have more opportunities on their way compared to those who don’t know it.

He also added that he believed in giving and investing as long as it is for the purpose of education to make sure that the students of schools who use only their native language will have the chance to learn more and, eventually, master the English language.

Datuk Seri Khoo Keat Siew also expressed that it is their responsibility to be able to help young students and teach them the English language so that they will be able to contribute in the country in the long run. All of this was said during a presentation of all the reading as well as studying materials that will be given to SJK Sin Kang located in Air Itam.

The headmaster of the school, Chew Poh Sung, expressed his thanks and said that the sponsorship will be able to help a lot of students as they go about their journey in leaning the English language while in school.

He also added that the materials will be conducive for the students who are enrolled in vernacular schools because they need to be able to have materials for them to appreciate and learn more English. The materials will be shared to all the pupils as well as the educators as a revised aid and will be placed inside the library.

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