Televised Political Events Now Showing At Sports Bars

Why do need to go the stadium when your favourite sports is being shown at the giant TV screens in the sports bar in Gymea that also offers pizza and beer? Watching NFL on a Friday night at the sports bar while surrounded by friends adds a lot to the excitement and interest. You have someone next to you to discuss team standings, player statistics and scores.

In recent years, sports bars became popular. Aside from the high definition TV’s, there are high-top tables and stools, finger foods, beer and a happy atmosphere. However, venues that used to be dedicated to watching sports has now been transformed to watching televised political events which are actually as entertaining as watching boxing matches.

At Ventnor Sports Café, a popular sports bar in Washington, patrons cheered for the inaugural address and the State of the Union address. Scott Auslander, the owner of the bar has never seen so many people cheering during the inauguration of former President Obama. However, the once celebratory events have turned solemn in the wake of the current administration.

During the State of the Union addresses of former Presidents Bush and Obama, there were big drinking games. While there were still plenty of people during the February inauguration of the current president, there has been a noticeable shift. It seemed like people were not so interested to watch.

During the midterm elections, sports bars prepared everything appropriately from the swing-state-themed snacks to the controversial Trump-inspired cocktails. Some bars in Washington offered coping up mechanisms like a detoxifying yoga class. Meanwhile, bar professionals say that they have never been busier since Trump’s election because more Americans are drinking these days.

A good thing that bar owners noticed recently is the increased social engagement of young people whether at sports bars or polls. Great voter turnout among the youth means they want their voices heard.

The perfect place to watch the latest blockbuster sports events is sports bar in Gymea with its huge TV’s showing continuous sports events. Live and replays are available for NFL games and all the action on the English Premier League. The lounges are comfortable with all the latest technology.





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