Tender Sale Of Logistics Site In Hong Kong Received 5 Bids

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According to the government’s development bureau, a piece of land in Northwestern Hong Kong that is ideal for a logistics site attracted 5 bids.  The bids were less than what was expected but it was the first site offered by tender in the last 5 years. The names of the bidderswere not made public.

The large piece of land that measures 340,870 square feet is located along Siu Lang Shui Road, Tuen Mun, opposite the River Trade Terminal Container Port. The site is expected to yield 852,000 square feet of total gross floor area for the construction a 5-storey logistics centre.

It is very likely that the bidders came from end users not speculators because a logistics project of this scope will require long term investments to generate future ROI. According to Thomas Lim, senior director of real estate agency Knight Frank, this is not a case of mainstream property for speculation purposes.

Analysts were expecting that bids will come from Chinese ecommerce firms and other logistics firms. Ecommerce companies are aggressively developing facilities for logistics because of the growth of online sales. They have to control costs and quality using their own networks.

Tuen Mun is a favourable location in Hong Kong because it is linked to the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge that connects the city to major industrial and commercial sites in Pearl River Delta, a manufacturing hub in Mainland China. Tuen Muncan be developed into an important logistics hub because of its strategic location.

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