Thai Foods Worth Craving

The people of Thailand are known for their love of food. No wonder many tourists are enchanted with the cuisine as well as their local street food. You will know right away if a restaurant is good in Thailand if there are crowd of people inside or customers waiting in line. There are many foreigners who settled in a single house in Ratchaphruek because of the Thai cuisine, the place and the culture. Here are the top Thai foods worth trying at least once in your life.

Gang Keow Wan. This is one of the popular dishes in Thailand and many are craving for this. It is composed of green curry paste, Thai basil, coconut milk, Thai eggplant, bamboo shoots, various herbs and roots as well as chicken. The dish is soupy and must have with a cup of rice.

Tom Yum Gung. This is a masterpiece soup in Thailand that is filled with lemongrass, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, tomatoes, galangal and, of course, shrimp. Diners have the option to top it with coconut milk and cream, the dish is known locally as tom yum gung namkohn, or it can be plain known as tom yum gung namsai.

PanangGai. This is a chicken dish with red curry paste fried together. Coconut cream is added afterwards. The top is then sprinkled with kaffir lime leaves that were chopped into fine bits.

Gong Som Pak Ruam. This vibrant soup will make you taste a fusion of Thai flavours such as sour, spicy and sweet. The soup base is composed of various vegetables including green beans, carrots and cabbage or it can be served along with fried omelette.

Gang Massaman. This dish is halal and made of sweet curry. It originally came from the south of Thailand and the sauce is composed of curry paste, cinnamon, coconut milk, peanuts and nutmeg. The dish comes with chicken and some potatoes.

Kao Niew Moo Yang. This is a very common Thai food. The grilled pork is placed in stick skewers and it comes with sticky rice. It can be found anywhere in Thailand.

If you are in love with the food in the country, it is time to settle and get a single house in Ratchaphruek in order to taste these food everyday of the year.

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