Thailand Wants To Bolster Confidence Of Tourists Through Compulsory Travel Insurance

Can you imagine paying 95 cents for an insurance policy in Thailand that offers 1 million baht ($46,800) coverage in cases of death with maximum duration of 30 days? According to newspaper reports this proposed scheme is designed to enhance confidence of foreign travellers who are planning to go to Thailand for business or leisure.

According to Bangkok Post, all the premiums will be directed to Thailand’s Tourism Promotion Fund to cover payments in case there are claims. The proposed scheme was raised because of the series of tragedies that involved foreigners like that the Phuket boat tragedy that claimed the lives of 47 Chinese tourists.

Many Australian tourists have been hospitalized or have died in Thailand. They stand to benefit from the compulsory travel insurance policy in Thailand. Some of the deadliest accidents where Australians were involved include road accidents, illness or death through natural causes. According to a woman from Sydney, her older sister Nicole died due to a motorbike accident in Thailand in 2012. The sister took a risk that she will never do in Australia.

Taking risks is something that most tourists do. They are usually naïve and assume that nothing will go wrong while on holiday. They want they holiday to be among the best memories of their life but they fail to consider the worst case scenarios in spite of warnings to be careful about riding motorbikes and scooters in Southeast Asia.

There was a recent case of a Canadian visitor who died in a zip line accident in April. Any foreigner may dies or be hospitalized while in Thailand because they are not familiar with the roads. Traffic accidents happen in Thailand everyday and it is most likely for someone to who is not familiar with the roads to be involved in traffic accidents. The compulsory travel insurance will affect Australians and other foreign visitors.

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