The Battle Between The For And Against Australia’s Coal Industry

Indian conglomerate Adani has plans of building the biggest coal mine in Australia. This is welcome news for the federal and Queensland governments because it will boost local employment and the economy. Meanwhile, environmentalists are against Adani’s plans.

A coal mine is like a ticking time bomb that will endanger the Galilee Basin and Great Barrier Reef. It is also against the Paris climate change accord. The war between the pro and the con will escalate this week with the launching of a campaign against 13 marginal federal Coalition seats and at least 3 of Queensland State’s seats.

New information has emerged that Adani has a chequered history in India. The conglomerate including its subsidiaries has come under fire from the environmental courts. The $22 billion mega mine that Adani plans to build in Queensland will have at least 6 open-cut pits with several underground mines. Coal that will be extracted from the mine site in Rockhampton will be transported at a distance of 400 kilometers by rail to the Abbot Point Terminal south of Townsville.

The coal that will be extracted will be processed offshore before it will be sent to India to be used for power generation. The federal government is planning to grant Adani a concessional loan amounting to $1 billion so that a rail line can be built to the Abbot Point Terminal but those opposing the mine consider the loan as the key battleground in the war against the project.

The opposition to the Adani project does not make empty threats because it has a $1 million war chest with 9 fulltime staff, polling and social media experts and hundreds of volunteers that will ensure that the Indian conglomerate will not be granted a federal loan. The end game of the environmentalists is to actually kill the project.

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