The Definitive Edition Of Age Of Empires Released

When the original version of the Age of Empires was released two decades ago, our younger selves might have been very impressed with the game but looking at it now, one might be able to say that it has a lot of faults. There is no denying though that it was a good game during that time. Just look at the legacy it has left behind in terms of real time strategy video games. It was one of the most beloved RTS video game in the history.

Playing the game two decades ago to playing it now can present a lot of difference. You will notice how the controls are not smooth, there is off-balance in the unit and the campaign is not as good as you though it to be. This is the reason why Microsoft wanted to release a better version to be called Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. It was released earlier this year on February 20.

The game was revamped in order to cater to the taste of the modern players. The gameplay is smoother, the scenarios are more challenging and the multiplayer feature is as addicting as ever if not more. The game was previously released as closed beta before its official release.

The main goal of Microsoft was to introduce to the new generation the ancestor of real time strategy gaming and they were able to accomplish it. From a player’s point of view, there are still a number of things that could be improved by the developers in order to grow the small following into a larger community.

The most obvious one is the netcode used by the Definitive Edition which is quite imperfect. Using the multiplayer feature, one has to play against random players online. There was an obvious lag from the time the command was inputted to the time it was executed. The fault is not at what is happening at the screen because of the actions result to different outcomes regardless. Instead of the random players, matching should be done in order for players to play against people close to their area and those with the same skill set. While the Age of Empires might not be at the top of its game, many are expecting it to be a hit especially as it brings nostalgia to many as they wait for the released of Age of Empires IV.

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