The Dream To Build The Fastest Standup Paddle Board

Sam Loader has 15 paddle board designs to his name from wide boards for recreational sport to the slim ones for top speed. Sam Loader’s dream to build the world’s fastest standup paddle board in Christchurch is about to come true because his company Pacific Paddleboard was awarded with a $12,500 grant by Callaghan Design a government research and development agency. With the grant, Sam Loader has to design and sell the world’s fastest paddle board.

Sam Loader’s paddle boards include a foam core that is encased in PVC fiberglass and pressed carbon fiber or bamboo. Apart from the race board, all the paddle boards are fabricated overseas to produce a finished product made from ultra-light material similar to those used in America’s Cup Yacht. Aside from the paddle boards intended for top speed, Loader’s company also sells paddle boards for gentle cruising on the beachfront shallows and inflatables for river play.

Pacific Paddleboard was financed from Loader’s earnings as a standup paddle board retailer in San Clemente, a popular boarding strip near Laguna Beach and San Diego. Loader found out that standup paddle boarding can be enjoyed by both children and adults because of the simplicity of the sport. This knowledge inspired Loader to return to New Zealand and start his own standup paddle board company.

In order to maximize his profits, Loader sells his paddle boards online to both New Zealanders and Australians for $1,400 each which is a lot less than the $2,500 price tag of his competitors. Loader thanks his father for his role in turning computer designs to real objects. Loader has also gained design support from Milton Bloomfield who was a great contributor to the design of another Christchurch innovator, Martin Jetpack.

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