The First Lady Isn’t The Only One With A Glam Room

When Michelle Obama was the First Lady of the United States, she created an iconic vegetable garden in the South Lawn. Eleanor Roosevelt, another well known first lady established a kitchen for depression-sensitive meals. The present first lady Melania Trump according to reports is planning on a glam room where she will spend about an hour and fifteen minutes with her makeup artist, Nicole Bryl to ensure an uninterrupted focus to bring her look together.

How do you imagine the glam room to look like? Gold will likely fit the room but in an interview, Nicole Bryl was heard telling reporters that what Mrs. Trump specifically asked for was the most perfect lighting scenario. This will involve more than just an average mirror installed above a bathroom sink or vanity.

Modern day glam room queens have made use of every type of bathroom fixture and furniture to ensure that the designated private area will match their requirements. For example, Mariah Carey’s glam room includes a marble-topped bathroom island with a chaise lounge and gilded side table. Celine Dion has a chandelier installed over her bathtub that features wooden relief carvings.

Black leather finishes can be seen in Donatella Versace’s bathroom along with a Buddha that reclines in an Odalisque pose instead of Zen. Kris Jenner made sure that she enjoys the best view and lighting through mirrors in every bathroom cabinet and wall. The blank spaces were filled with black and white glam shots of herself and that of her family.

The idea of having an undisturbed private area is not new. Some are simply more lavish than others. Usually getting a glam room done is to have a unique personal experience in complete privacy. A new first lady deserves a glam room that is more than just a simple bathroom makeover.

However, every individual deserves to have her own private space. If you are going to furnish your own glam room, check out this website for luxurious and sophisticated bathroom furniture and fixtures. A wide range of stunning bathroom vanities and natural stonewash basins are available to create an ambiance of elegance and class into your private space.

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