The Most Popular Programming Languages Of Mobile App Development

With the way technology has been advancing, it’s no surprise that the mobile app development industry has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last few years. This, in turn, has led to changes in how businesses are conducted across the world, as mobile apps have become a key part of corporate productivity.

Of course, this means that mobile app developers have been flexible and ready to learn, as there are multiple languages currently in use, and a lot of different platforms. Even if one developer only sticks to one language, there are still different platforms to work with, so being flexible is still a must.

Here are the common mobile app development languages for you to consider learning.


HTML5 is the best option for web-fronted apps for mobile devices, allowing for easy inserting of data, scaling to screen sizes, rationalized input parameters, as well as working well with different browsers. It’s supported in a lot of different browsers, but it’s still just a proposed standard.

HTML5 is built on the current version of HTML, which makes it a bit easier to learn compared to picking up something entirely different, as well as being a bit cheaper.


The language of choice for iOS apps was chosen by Apple for apps that a robust but still flexible enough to work on differently-sized devices. As the name implies, it’s a C-language superset, meaning that it works nicely with graphics, display functions, and input and output.

Obviously, it’s integrated into iOS and macOS devices and frameworks, but it’s being replaced…


The latest programming language for the Apple side of things, it’s already pretty prevalent in Apple’s latest updates. It’s designed to work with Objective-C, but changes are being made to slowly shift iOS development to Swift.

Swift is aimed at dealing with the issues that Objective-C has, which means that more and more businesses are looking for people proficient in this language.


The language of choice for people developing Android apps, Java was developed by Sun Microsystems, now owned by Oracle. Java can be run two ways; via a browser window or a device that can handle it without a browser.

This makes Java flexible, great for re-using code and making updates. It’s not much for iOS developers, but it’s fairly popular for cross-platform apps.

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