Tools For Maintenance And Repair Available On Demand Through Vending Machines

Most if not everyone is familiar with vending machines. Using the vending machine delivery service, leisure centres and public places gain a machine that can provide food and drinks on demand. The delivery service ensures that the machine is delivered unscathed by using specialized vehicles with straps and padding.

Vending machines for most people are about potato chips and candy bars. However, the vending machine can be applied differently for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO). In most factory floors nowadays, companies are using vending machines to stock, dispense and track tools, fittings, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other common stuff.

The vending machine is a better option to stocking shelves that allow employees to retrieve and manage the use of different tools. To access tools in the vending machine, employees have to swipe or use a code. The machine is also reconfigured to restrict access to some specific tools, consumables and supplies.

According to the results of a Peerless Research Group’s MRO study, vending machines are being used by 24% of companies for their cleaning supplies, light bulbs, nuts and bolts, screws, oils, lubricants and other MRO products. The growing interest is largely driven by the need for accountability. It is crucial for companies to know who has the tool at a certain time, how it will be used and when the tool was returned so that will be available to another employee.

The vending machines sophisticated software allows supervisors to generate reports that can be reviewed to ensure that tools and supplies are being used for the most appropriate purposes. Besides that, when employees know that they are accountable for whatever tool they access from the vending machine, they tend to be extra careful with the item and the purpose for which it will be used. The amount of time required to locate required tools is also significantly reduced.

Meanwhile, one of the most fundamental things that make the vending machine efficient is the vending machine delivery service that ships that large machine directly to the site. Instead of disassembling the large machine and putting it back together, the logistics company makes use of specialized transport that can accommodate the machine.

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