United Kingdom Welcomes Reflective Wrap Film

Car wrapping is now quite popular and used as fleet signage in Brisbane that UK is following with this new trend. As a step forward, the reflective wrap film with 780 mC made by 3MM is now available. Spandex took care of the delivery to the United Kingdom and it was sent to Wrap Cube, a vehicle wrap firm in the country.

Wrap Cube is the only authorized company by 3M in the whole London. They have been in partnership since 2008. The company does premium wrapping for luxury cars as well as fleets of the high-end variety.

Wrap Cube and Spandex have already established a good partnership for the past decade that the company was given an opportunity by Spandex to check out the new 780 mC reflective wrap film before its official product launch in the United Kingdom. The installation manager for Wrap Cube is Mark Whiffen and he said that they did the initial testing the previous year at SEMA located in Las Vegas. After the testing, they have been excitedly waiting for its launch in the UK.

He added that the reflective film is unlike any other thus they are looking forward to get their hands on the product. Before this product, reflective films can only be used in surfaces that are flat. In comparison, the latest 780 mC from 3M makes it possible for them to do wrapping and then coat it with reflective film which gives the vehicle a unique appearance especially during night-time.

Whiffensaid that the reflective wrap film is ideal for fleet vehicles because the film is plain white which is easier for companies to customize according to their needs. They can choose the colour, image and design they want to be printed on it. During daytime, the film gives the vehicle a premium look but it lights up during the night because it is a reflective film.

It is not surprising to see this reflective film to be used on fleet signage in Brisbane because companies and businesses can choose the sign or print they want on their vehicles.

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