Unmanned Cargo Logistics For The Future Of The Industry

Logistics problems can put production to a standstill and create a shortage of goods. It is therefore important to choose logistics in Perth to ensure that raw materials reach their destination in a timely manner. No matter what product is manufactured, the best transport service can be provided for an effective supply chain management.

Last March 10, the ICO of operating platform SKYFchain was launched as the first B2R (Business to Robots) operating platform for unmanned cargo logistics. The system of SKYFchain is based on the blockchain technology of smart markets. It will allow the implementation of logistics schemes and financial calculations no matter how complex in SKYFT tokens.

SKYFchain will keep all records of events that occur between the cargo robots and their interactions within the supply chain. Every transaction will be recorded on the platform based its own cost that is affected by type, frequency and complexity. All costs will be denominated in traditional currency.

Since the number of participants and transactions in the platform will be constantly increasing while the number of tokens will be fixed, the cost of the SKYFT tokens will increase as well and will be freely quoted on the main crypto-currency exchanges. The holders of the SKYFchain tokens will be receiving their share of the cost per transaction they make within the platform.

Traditional cargo logistics can be very complex and extremely dependent on human factor. Human labour is required in the transportation process so that in order to continue with expansion, companies need to change the freight industry itself. The future of the industry depends on unmanned cargo logistics that does not include dozens of mediators and interactions within a delivery. Blockchain technology is a suggested solution to solve the issues in the logistics market and make it more efficient for the future.

The distribution system is a critical element of logistics in Perth because goods must reach their destination in the fastest possible for the least costs. It is only right to choose the most professional and skilled company that will provide the service. The company must also be prepared to organize the transportation of goods including unpacking and repacking.

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