Website Design Industry Statistics and Facts

According to surveys, there are more than 260 million people around the globe who are connected to the internet via broadband connection. About one-third of all websites that are live in a given moment is giving some form of the website design industry in order to make their presence known online. From the ecommerce solutions to the great user experience, the science on how websites funnels traffic or encourage a sale is one of the sought after commodities that is available in the global business today.

Here are key facts that are prevalent today:

  • There is an estimated of over 200 million active websites that are available on the internet today.
  • At any given moment, there are more than 600 million host names which are in use today.
  • The internet usage rises usually increase throughout the day for every person which culminates the highest amount of use at the end of every typical work day.

What is the take away for these key facts? One can be certain that there is more traffic than ever that which is hitting the internet market. The world has never been more interconnected through web than ever before. The average person can have his own business while sitting in his most comfortable chair in his abode. He just needs a few bucks to connect himself with the internet. This ability has truly made the industry for web design a very attractive. The internet website continues to grow rapidly and as the businesses need intranet websites, the potential growth for this particular market is almost limitless.

Additional facts on the web design industry

  • About 76 percent of websites still do not make use of web content managements systems.
  • The most popular web content management is being powered by WordPress.
  • The industry of web design employs more than 200,000 workers on a global scale.
  • The average size of the businesses engaged in this industry is usually less than two employees in every business.
  • The demand for mobile-ready websites will continue to rise as the demand for smart phones also flood the market. Companies and websites like are engaged in this type of business and are truly making huge fortunes from this industry.
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