What Your Motorbike’s Sound Is Telling You

It is common for motorbikes to make different noises because of the metal parts found inside. These mechanical noises can be worrying which is why many riders are getting workshop stethoscope. This is something that every Moto Guzzi dealer also keeps at their disposal to make sure all their units are running smoothly.  The tool can be used to check the sound produced at the middle of the engine and only cost between £10 and £20 each.

The first noise to look out for is the gurgling sound. This might mean something is wrong with the engine’s cooling system. A good working motorcycle will remain silent as the coolant circulates. Make sure to look at the level because even a small drop reveals if there is a problem. The presence of air pocket will prevent the coolant from circulating properly which could lead to froth and eventually boil as it remains in the hot spots.

If you hear sudden ticking which resembles a stopwatch, start inspecting the exhaust headers. If these are old, they might need to be replaced. If these were recently fitted, the ticking sound could be a cause if there is a small gap, loose header or a small hole. Do the inspection when it is cold to avoid getting yourself burnt.

A motorcycle that is variably ticking could signal problem with the valve clearances. The ticking is most obvious when the bike’s revs are increasing but decreases when the bike starts to warm. This is because every time the clearances are opening up, the valve lifters are also rattling. This is not an emergency situation but when the valves are loose this could affect the performance of the motorbike which will impact the top end eventually.

Do you hear a knocking sound? If you talk to a Moto Guzzi dealer, they will tell you that the bottom end, composed of conrods and crankshaft, of the engine might be having issues. When you hear the clunking sound from the engine, make sure to switch it off right away and conduct an inspection. This should be handled by a professional if you are not skilled in motorcycle parts.

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