When To Call Professional Pest Control This Summer

Not everyone is able to manage a home with pests and insects crawling about. Some individuals cannot even handle to be in the same room with a tiny insect while others can handle a flying cockroach just fine. Summer is the busiest time of the year, according to a pest control company in Brisbane because they are the most in demand during these months. There are bees flying everywhere and the fleas are also on the rise. The most disturbing pests through during this season are rodents, ants and cockroaches.

Once you see a rodent running around in the middle of the day or you hear scratching noises inside your walls, it is time to call for professionals to handle the situation. This is one of the most obvious sign that an infestation is ongoing. This means that you will not be able to solve this problem by placing mouse traps all over the house. If you see your food has bite marks, do not hesitate to call pest control right away.

According to an employee of a pest control company, many homeowners would complain about their fruits on the table being eaten by rodents while some can be heard scratching behind the refrigerator. Rats also prefer to make nests in the roof, under the foundation of the house and, mind you, inside couches. Rodents are even getting braver because the previous winter is not as cold as before. This means that even through the winter season they are able to breed and populate.

Aside from rodents, cockroach is another problem that prefers the warm environment especially living under the refrigerator. If you see a single German cockroach, it is time to contact a pest control company in Brisbane because there is a high probability that is only 1 per cent of the total population living inside the house already. This is a worrying situation because German cockroaches are known to carry bacterial diseases and they can also leave behind their faeces and moults which can infect the food and items used inside the household and eventually lead to illnesses.

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