Why Tourists Must Not Miss The Songkran Festival In Thailand

Hundreds of thousands of tourist are expected to travel to Thailand to experience Songkran, the water festival. This marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. Tourists who plan to travel to Phuket to enjoy the celebrations can stay at the family hotel in Phuket that is walking distance to crystal blue waters. The weather is great on the beaches and there is plenty of seafood to indulge in.

Songkran is one of the major festivals in Thailand that international visitors must not miss. The festival is widely known for boisterous fun and ancient traditions. As part of the huge celebration, water parties are held out on the streets while some of the local Thais visit their ancient temples to observe ancient rites.

Every city has its own kind of fun-filled activities, food and drinks. However, tourists are warned that they will be soaked throughout the day. There is food for everyone all throughout the 3 days of Songkran. Sometimes, activities start earlier in some places because they want to add their own form of liveliness to the celebrations.

In Bangkok, local Thais and tourists come together for the merrymaking. As soon as a person steps on the streets, he must be prepared to be drenched with water. The biggest of the many parties is held in Silom, Bangkok where the entire 5-kilometter stretch of the street is populated by people who do not do anything but spray water on the revellers.

In Krabi, people use water balloons, water guns and water buckets for the water fights. In Pattaya, they have their very own Miss Songkran contest where the participants compete in traditional Thai costumes. In Phuket, aside from the water fights, tourists will enjoy cultural events and crafts and clothing exhibitions. Different places have their own kind of celebrations which is worth witnessing.

Different activities and programs are offered by family hotel in Phuket to their guests from sports and wellness to the aqua gym experience. Guests can also learn ancient martial art basics of Thai boxing. Meanwhile, there are also fun activities for children like painting, playing games and watching movies in a safe environment.

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