Why You Must Know The Courier International Rates For Your Belongings

Doing a Google search will make you find lots of information about courier international rates and what companies provide it. If you’re shipping locally, the delivery will only apply to shipments done domestically within New Zealand. However, if it’s an international shipping from New Zealand to other countries or vise versa, you need to ensure you have the best deals by asking for quotes and doing comparison shopping for features and prices.

Choosing the Cheapest Way to Ship Globally

If you want the best courier international rates for your shipment, the search can be overwhelming, especially that there are various services depending on the delivery timeframe. There’s also a specific pricing for weight and where it will be delivered. Some courier services have specific pricing for specific countries, which you can check at their pricing tables. So, if you want to ship something to and from New Zealand, you just need to decide on how to do it. Either way, you can send it by air freight or by sea freight.

If you want your belongings delivered on a rush, do it by air. A cargo plane can take your things to or from New Zealand to or from anywhere in the world. It will surely reach your end within two or three days. However, the courier international rates for these are so expensive as you’re paying for a speedy service. Unless you’re planning to move abroad, think well before engaging in air freights.

On the other hand, sea freight is relatively cheaper, almost five times lesser than air freight. It makes it handy for those relocating on a budget. The shipment is transported on board a container ship, which may take many weeks to reach the destination. So, ensure you have planned your move very well. If you’re looking for the value of your money, consider this option.

If you’re opting for sea freight, your belongings will be shipped in a 20-feet or 40-feet container. There is no need to fill the entire container with all your stuff. If you’re transporting only 15-cubic metres of cargo, you will share the container with other people. However, you are guaranteed that the shipment will reach your end door-to-door at a specified time.


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