Why You Must Stay In A Sathorn Hotel In Bangkok

If you’re accommodated in a Sathorn hotel in Bangkok, it’s a guarantee you’re in a safe place. What’s next to be done is to know how to enjoy your stay in Sathorn. There is the Lumpini Boxing Stadium where you can watch boxing matches regularly. There are dance schools, Starbucks, Boots and few restaurant chains to go fine dining.

If you have more spare time, you can take various courses and activities that make you enjoy your stay in this area of Bangkok. You can also cross the Chao Phraya River and visit the old capital Thonburi to witness the traditional life of locals residing there.

There’s also the Lumpini Park, the biggest park in Bangkok, if you want an escape from the fast pace of city life. You can stroll, enjoy tango lessons, aerobic classes or peacefully practice meditation. The park is open 24-hours although you don’t see much traditional sights and attractions.

Popular Attractions in Sathorn

  • Rooftop Bars

These are popular locations that people can go gaga. Here, you’ll see a magnificent view of the city. Open-air bars are popular especially with the type of weather Bangkok has all year round. Whether it’s humid or raining outside, you enjoy the happy hours beneath the open skies. After that, you’ll want to head back to the Sathorn hotel in Bangkok to relax, rest and sleep after enjoying your rooftop experience.

  • R. Kukrit’s Heritage Home

It’s composed of teakwood houses in traditional Thai architecture and connected with wooden corridors. This is the home of Thailand’s former prime minister and multi-talented personality. It’s located in a picturesque garden where you find a huge collection of ceramics, fine arts, antiques and rare books.

  • Robot Building

It was first inaugurated in 1986 situated at the South Sathorn Road. The 20-storey building was inspired from the architect’s son robot toy. There is an antenna and eyes to feature the building’s unconventional characteristics. Its exterior design serves its purpose like the caterpillar wheels and oversized bolts to act as canopies and sunshades.

There are so much to see in Sathorn, so it’s best you stay in a Sathorn hotel in Bangkok. You’ll surely be excited and thrilled to see all of these.


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