2020 Trends In The Trucking Industry

If your trucking business has suffered in the past year, it is only helpful for you to learn the different trends in the trucking industry which can uplift your company this 2020. Listed below are a few examples.

  • In Canada, the number of people getting into the trucking industry has decreased which led to a shortage of drivers. As a result, the demand for drivers has increased and it has given opportunity both to job hunters and business owners who want to make a great living and survive in the industry. As changes continue in the job market, transportation organizations need to flaunt the industry and gather new talent. A lot of companies have started to encourage new drivers to join the workforce by ensuring that there will be comprehensive training programs. In these programs, potential drivers learn skills and knowledge in driving many types of vehicle. Companies such as Titan Transline also ensure that their drivers are provided with gears for safety and protection.


  • The popularity of e-commerce shopping has also made a great impact on trucking businesses. A large number of consumers have turned to online shopping, not just for bulk orders but also for individual items. Some e-commerce companies have decided to open distribution centers across North America, which has given job opportunities to many truckers and other related workers. This includes long-haul trucking jobs, local delivery services, and other jobs that give drivers the luxury to pick the company they want to work for and positions that best fit their skills. An example of a business that has benefitted from e-commerce shopping is Titan Transline, a trucking company in Ontario which has gathered thousands of customers across Canada and beyond.


  • Another trend is the electronic logging devices or ELD. These electronic devices are the most recent technology in the trucking industry for the year 2020. However, they need certification from a government-certified third party. The most important function of ELD is its ability to track the driver’s hours out of service. This ensures that the drivers and companies are abiding with the safe operating practices and are getting rest breaks.

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