3 Modern Technologies For Effective Landfill Management

Humans generate huge amounts of waste every day. All this waste either ends up in the landfills or is dumped into the oceans. We can see huge swaths of garbage floating in the oceans and seas. It is estimated that if we continue producing and dumping waste at this rate, there would be more plastic than marine animals in the seas. Most of the landfills around the world are overflowing and posing serious threats to the environment. The harmful chemicals produced by rotting waste in the landfills leaches into the soil and underground water. These chemicals also reach the fresh water sources and contaminate them. Effective management of landfills hence becomes necessary to ensure safety.

Junk removal Orange County and waste management companies across the world have to introduce new technologies to improve the process of waste disposal and increase the life of landfills. Here are some new technologies to extend the landfill life.

  • Drones

Drones are used to effectively manage the landfills. Drones collect valuable data from landfills that helps waste management companies to devise timely solutions to problems such as overflowing and gas leaks. Drones can cover the entire area of the landfill with ease and are a cost-effective solution. The data provided by drones can also be used for 3D mapping of the different cells in the landfill and ground water system under the landfill.

  • Thermal Imaging

Waste is flammable and there is serious threat of fire in landfills. The fire can be caused by sparks from the equipment or a small spark coming from outside. Underground fires in landfills are very dangerous to the environment as they release pollutants and hazardous gases into the air. Thermal imaging systems allow landfill managers to spot potential fires by identifying the hot spots in the landfill.

  • Sensors and Cameras

Imaging technologies like sensors and infra-red cameras, allow landfill managers to spot gas leaks from the landfill. The sensors and cameras are placed throughout the landfill to alert the managers in case of gas leak. The gas generated in the landfill is used for energy production. A gas leak can reduce the efficiency of energy production and also releases perilous gases into the environment. Imaging tools helps managers to identify gas leak spots and devise strategies to seal them.

New technologies have revolutionized the entire process of waste collection, recycling and disposal. Junk removal Orange County and waste management companies across the world are investing in new technologies that help them to streamline the entire process, from collection to disposal.

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