5 Tips For An Affordable Honeymoon Resort In Phuket

Honeymoon is another thing couples prepare for aside from the wedding. As much as possible, couples prepare for it to make the personal event a memorable one. One of the preferred destinations for honeymoon is Thailand for its breath-taking beaches. However, just like any other holiday experience, it can also take up much of your budget. To reduce your expenses, search for a honeymoon resort in Phuket that specially caters to newlyweds. Here’s how you can save money on your honeymoon trip.

Visit different resort websites

There are different types of resorts in Phuket. There are family resorts, spa resorts and there are also those that cater to wedding ceremonies and honeymoons. Check from different resorts and even from third party booking sites to compare services and where you can do more and have more activities suited for honeymoon. Look closely to ensure that the resort offers honeymoon amenities, freebies and complimentary services.

Compare accommodation rates

Before you book in a honeymoon resort in Phuket, make it a point to check from a number of resorts to compare rates. You might find cheaper resorts but upon close checking, they do not offer complimentary breakfast and other free services. Aside from saving money, these complimentary services will also add to your convenience.

Check your budget

Consider the different items that you need to spend on and come up with a budget. Make it a point to follow your budget and choose activities that are within your budget. Avoid spending on items or services that are not on your budget.

Search for honeymoon packages

There are resorts that offers honeymoon packages and these are the types that you should search for you to save your honeymoon expenses. With honeymoon bundles and packages, you get automatic discounts on food drinks and services.

Do advance booking

To surely save money and get the type of accommodation that you wish to have on a honeymoon resort in Phuket, book in advance. There are resorts that offer automatic discount for advance booking as well as for longer stay.

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