5 Types Of Criminal Offences

There are many different crimes. But all the criminal cases can be broadly classified into five categories. Personal crimes, property crimes, financial crimes, inchoate crimes and statutory crimes. Understanding these crimes will equip you to fight for your rights, when you are subjected to any of these crimes or are wrongly accused for them.

  1. Personal Crimes

Activities that cause physical or mental harm to another person come under personal crimes. There are different types of violent crimes such as homicide, assault, battery, domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, rape and kidnapping. You have to consult an experienced criminal lawyer such as Donich Law Professional Corporation, if you are subjected to any of these activities or are accused wrongly of these activities.

  1. Property Crimes

An activity that causes inference in the property of other person is classified as property crime. These crimes also involve physical and mental harm, along with the deprivation to enjoy the property. Some examples of property crimes are theft, shoplifting, robbery, and burglary.

  1. Statutory Crimes

Personal crimes, property crimes and the crimes which are prescribed by the law of the country are known as statutory crimes. These crimes are specifically mentioned in the statute to discourage citizens from engaging in these unlawful activities such as drunk driving, traffic offences, and use of drugs. Some examples of statutory crimes are public intoxication, driving under influence, selling alcohol to minors, drug trafficking, drug possession, driving without license, reckless driving and so on.

  1. Financial Crimes

Financial or white collar crimes usually involve deception of another person for financial gains. Some types of financial crimes are fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, cybercrime, phishing and so on.

  1. Inchoate Crimes

Acts that assist in committing other types of crimes or crimes which are not completed fall under the category of inchoate crimes. Some examples of these crimes are aiding or abetting crime, criminal conspiracy or attempt to commit any of the above crimes.

You have to approach a reputed law firm such as Donich Law Professional Corporation to fight for your rights in case of being subjected to any of the above crimes or wrongly accused of committing crimes. Donich Law offers comprehensive legal counsel for criminal cases for domestic and international clients.

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