A Luxury Yacht Charter To Enhance Your Trip To Indonesia

Raja Ampat, with its palm-studded sands and crystal-blanketed seas, is located in the Bird’s Head peninsula in India, off the western edges of Papua. It is composed of 1,500 islands, a rich structure of sand, beach, and coral, while stretching its dainty fingers for a touch of forest and nature-carved rocks floating over clear blue ocean waters. The sea floor is teeming with life and a beautiful marine ecosystem that can be fully observed and appreciated when reached by boat.

This is where the luxury yacht charter in Indonesia, Prana by Atzaro, comes in. It is a fine sailing vessel that takes its design from a traditional phinisi – an Indonesian cargo or transport boat with wooden textures and two masts. The Prana has four decks, an area of around 9,600 square feet, and 9 luxurious suites that can accommodate 18 people. Each of the rooms is beautifully, yet minimally and practically designed. With a group of 18 guests, exciting group itineraries are prepared for their enjoyment, and they can choose what they want to do, from diving, sailing, and exploring to taking in the wildlife, walking through different small islands, or simply enjoying the yacht.

Chartering the luxury yacht Prana by Atzaro for a trip around Indonesia is available for the whole year, simply with variations according to the seasons. From December to April it can be seen cruising through Raja Ampat; from May to October, it will make its way to visit famous islands and the Komodo National Park; on specific months such as October, November, April, and May, it will head for the Banda Islands, or the Spice Islands.

At first glance, a full luxury yacht charter in Indonesia such as the Prana for $12,500 to $18,000 may seem over the top, but when considering that all the meals, wine and alcohol, water sports, and other services available aboard are provided for, then the price will appear more than reasonable for the amount of luxury it offers on deck. However, the yacht is not just for groups, but booking for a single suite to sail solo can also be arranged.


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