A Warmer Welcome in Delapre Abbey, Northampton

Conservatory Café in the Delapre Abbey opened last Apr 3, 2017. This café is a product of the renovation done at the Delapre Abbey in Northampton that was initiated by the Northampton Borough Council and was announced early this year.

The Conservatory Café is a new room built by the same team who restored the Delapre Abbey, complete with services from painter and decorator Northampton. The café, designed to attract and provide a warm welcome to the tourists and visitors paying a visit to the fully-restored Delapre Abbey, offers a varied menu from coffee to meals created from local ingredients.

The Council and its members spent multi-millions to renovate the Delapre Abbey, a historical structure in Northampton. It was initially built as a monastery and a private country house by Simon de Senlis, Earl of Northampton. A lot of history is in this place; it was used as a War Office during World War II. It also became the office for country records in 1959 but was later left empty thus it became neglected and damaged. This did not deter the restoration team, including painter and decorator Northampton and other services, from giving their best in restoring it from the brink of decay. They found that at the start of the project, despite the ravaging effect of time, the Abbey was not in the worst condition. This from the team that has worked on castles in other places before such as Lincoln, Oakham, and Bolsover.

The Northampton Borough Council has decided then to renovate the DelapreAbbey to become a tourist attraction. It is aimed to attract the visitors and spend their money and time in touring the newly restored Abbey and the additional room that is to be built (which is the new Conservatory Café.) Another goal for the repair and improvement of the Abbey is for it to last long thus sustainability is important for the changes to be done.

The by-product of this goal is the new Conservatory Café with its warm welcome and the newly-restored Billiard Room will offer the visitors a venue for a nice wonderful afternoon tea.


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