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We welcome you to Discus Rewind where you can keep pace with unbiased, reliable and independent news. Our goal at Discus Rewind is to help you manage an overload of information by providing an alternative type of news reporting that stimulates, informs and widens your knowledge.

Aside from local, regional, national and international news stories, we aim to provide you with success stories, inspirational s news, investigative reports and expert analysis of the news we deliver to your fingertips. Our hardworking staff has a commitment to fairness and equality while providing a deeper analysis of today’s key issues.
Discus Rewind is also proud to announce that our readership increases every month. Most of our audience has found us through search engines like Google and Yahoo and other new sites like Digg and LinkedIn. This is testament to the fact that the news we provide reaches beyond the usual topics that reach readers.

Discus Rewind has also been successful in building a community for our audience. We are also happy to announce that our stories are receiving hundreds of comments from our dedicated readers. We invite you to join our community so that you can connect to our audience and have the opportunity to build global friendships. Our growth is consistent to our commitment to keep our readers well informed on a variety of topics.
Michael C Kowalski
We literally have hundreds of reliable and expert sources who provide the most compelling issues of today. Aside from our purpose of keeping our readers informed, we also want to play an active role by focusing on the most compelling issues that would raise consciousness in effecting change.

By joining Discus Rewind, you do not only become a member of our community; you can provide ideas and information that will help motivate others to participate. When more opinions are heard, more points of view are made available. If you have any questions, comments and feedback on the information that you have accessed on your site, feel free to contact us at www.discusrewind.net. Send us an email anytime so that we can make an immediate reply to your questions. We hope to hear from you soon.

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