Airtasker Reveals Laziest Suburbs In Australia

Airtasker, a job outsourcing platform that operates in the AU has recently released their data, which shows the laziest suburbs in the country, and the results are fairly surprising.

The platform compiled a list of areas in the country where users are most likely to advertise jobs and menial tasks, that they don’t really fancy to do on their own. Some tasks are fairly standard, like plumbing work or Sydney furniture removals, but there have been some weirder jobs.

One such strange job is a  user to come in and pick their belly button fluff for $5, with another offering $120 for someone to bake them a delicious vegan cake that’s shaped like a person’s backside. Another user experienced a shortage of relatives, and turned to Airtasker for people willing to come to their Baptism barbie and pretend to be their relative for $500.

Those are just some of the stranger tasks, though Airtasker CEO Tom Fung says that they see far more menial tasks like getting spiders out of homes and removing Snapchat filters.

The most popular task in the country is something far more mundane, though, with cleaning having the most outsourced jobs, at 148,591. The most number of outsourced jobs for this time of job are Victoria’s St. Kilda East, Brunswick East, South Yarra and Richmond.

Second on the number of most outsourcing in the country are Aussie and Sydney furniture removals, with 122,140 postings, with Victoria’s Brunswick East topping the list, followed by NSW’s Bondi Beach, Parramatta, Newtown and Paddington.

Gardening outsourcing was at third at a distant 48,043, tech support at fourth with 31,936 jobs, and painting sitting at fifth at 20,054.

Surry Hills at New South Wales topped the list for the suburb with the most outsourced jobs with Victoria’s Richmond hitting second. Mr. Fung says that Surry Hills is a suburb with far more younger residents than most, so there’s an aged skew in that neighbourhood.

Queensland residents put out a considerable number of requests for handyman services, with Fung saying that residents living in the state, particularly in Southport, Surfers Paradise, and New Farm, are the ones most likely to list tasks.

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