Aluminium Manufacturer To Expand Due To Growing Demand From Automotive Industry

More jobs will be available in Mason County when Whitehall Industries pushes through with its plans for expansion. The Ludington manufacturer produces aluminum parts for the automotive industry. Whitehall Industries has a plant at the Pere Marquette Industrial Park near Ludington and it hopes to expand by adding another plant down the street at 9 & 10 Taylor Jones.

If approval for the 30 thousand square feet company expansion at Ludington will be granted, the plant that will be built down the road will be 110 thousand square feet in size. According to David Cooper, president and COO of Whitehall Industries, expansion is required because of the growing demand from the automotive industry for lightweight aluminum parts. Whitehall’s specialization is the production of lightweight aluminum parts but the company wants the fabrication process to be faster.

Because of the growing demand, Whitehall needs more aluminum extrusion capacity as well as additional floor space for fabrication and machining. Increased floor space is also important for another extrusion press line and machining robots, welding cells and other equipment necessary for the production of aluminum parts.

With the growth of Whitehall Industries, Ludington can expect more employment opportunities for the current workers as well as those about to be hired. The aluminum company will be hiring all kinds of machine operators, engineers, supervisors and many more. This is welcome news for the community.

Current employees are also excited about the expansion because it will generate opportunities for advancement. Aaron Hoekwater started with the company when he was only 19 years old. He started from manual labour and advanced to being machine operator for years. Later on, he became lead operator and now he is a programmer.

Expansion of Whitehall Industries will require an investment of $28 million. Once approved, the expansion will bring in more money for the community.

The aluminum parts manufacturer typically supplies parts for the automotive industry and electronic high end companies. Aluminum parts have to pass through different fabrication processes from cutting, drilling, machining, punching, extrusion and assembly in order to meet client requirements. Industries prefer aluminum over other materials because it combines strength and flexibility.

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