Amazon Tackles Review Manipulation

Consumers today use reviews and ratings extensively before they trust a brand. This is the reason why king kong advertising reviews are requested from customers after a purchase. Reviews have to be authentic and must reflect the customer’s first-hand experience with the brand.

According to Amazon’s own figures, third-party vendors have sold more goods through the retail giant’s website than Amazon itself since 2015. However, Amazon marketplace is now being abused by independent sellers that are using 1-star reviews.

Amazon has been relentless in tackling review manipulation but the problem has not been eradicated. Online retailers are playing dirty with reviews and ratings. For example, a retailer can get 50 positive reviews and 5-star ratings but if it is accompanied by 1-star reviews, it would be quite difficult to compete.

Competition and Markets Authority believes that the UK’s £23 billion online shopping is influenced by reviews. Ella Reyes had a flourishing business of selling post-pregnancy products through Amazon. According to Ella, she usually receives 60 reviews, with most them positive. When she received a flurry of 1-star reviews, her sales dropped.

Most of the negative reviews were fake and stress begun to get to Ella so that she was forced to give up the venture. The negative reviews came from suspicious accounts who want to bring down competition.

There are legitimate ways to encourage positive king kong advertising reviews online. First is to provide a good experience through the services provided. Satisfied customers are more than willing to leave a positive feedback to help other consumers make a confident decision.

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