Are You Using The Right Marketing Review Platforms For Your Business?

These days, customers are smarter and will not just rely on flashy promo deals or eye-catching images to decide whether they should purchase a product. Instead, they want to hear real, credible testimonials from people just like them to find out if something is worth the purchase.

As a business owner, you want feedback from your customers to be spread across the internet in multiple ways. This will allow more gates to open for new customers to discover your product through user reviews. But you also have to be smart about where to host feedback.

Review platforms are services where you can allow customers to leave feedback, whether positive or negative. Use the right platforms to have the most efficient strategy for attracting a wider consumer base.

Facebook. It’s undoubtedly the biggest social media platform, and its tools for businesses have enabled brands to expand their engagement in strategic and creative ways. Facebook Reviews is highly recommended because it allows a large audience to see reviews on your page, ask questions, and comment on other people’s feedback.

Niche or industry-specific platforms. If you are in the food or hospitality business, TripAdvisor can be a useful review platform. Yelp works for small businesses, while Glassdoor is effective for B2B reviews. Placing your business on these review platforms can make the difference between potential customers choosing between Business X and Your Business.

Google My Business. This is your best option if you want to ramp up your King Kong marketing review SEO strategy. By submitting your business information, Google can then consolidate your reviews and display them in your search results.

Most of these review platforms will allow you to respond and engage with your customers, so make sure to do that, too. It shows how much you value their input and appreciate their trust in your brand.

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