Australia’s Zippy Shell Makes Its Way To Detroit

Australia’s Zippy Shell, a mobile storage company that has long since set up shop in the US after its founding back in 2007, has recently widened its reach in the US, with an entrance into Detroit’s storage business.

Following the establish of its US branch back in 2010, Zippy Share has slowing been expanding its reach, not only in the US but also back home, in the land down under, hoping to provide its services to more and more customers. The company, who handles mobile storage in Narellan and in other places in the AU, recently started operations in Detroit and its surrounding areas. Notably, there are a few companies that provide mobile storage services in the US, such as Florida’s PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) mobile storage company.

The company is named after the storage containers which act as ‘shells’, which they have a customer fill with their items, and then shipped to a location of the customer’s choosing. Wherever that may be, the mobile storage unit will be stored there as per the customer’s specifications, explains Scott Sheffield, one of Zippy Shell’s franchisees for the Detroit area.

He explains that this service gets rid of the hassle of having to unpack extra stuff, and allows the customers to remove themselves from the process in order to deal with other things. Sheffield says that, Zippy Shell’s containers are special, in that they can fit into the back of freight trucks for easy cross country shipping.

Zippy Shell has a container delivery fee of US$79. If a customer wants the container filled by the company, they have to pay an hourly rate of $150, and if they want storage, the monthly rate ranges from $115 to $180.

Self-storage has grown nicely in Australia, with many looking for mobile storage in Narellan and in other places in the country, and it’s also taking hold in the US, having grown into a US$38B industry, with the metro Detroit area looking ripe with opportunity. Competition in the field comes from moving companies, like Two Men and a Truck and U-Haul.

Zippy Shell’s US branch, founded in 2010, currently has 51 storage facilities covering 120 regions across the country.

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