Bangkok Mass Transit Ticketing System – Partial Launch At June

For those that travel quite a bit to get to work, having to manage their many tickets for all the transport systems on the way can be a bit of a hassle. For someone who lives in a serviced apartment near BTS, suddenly having to get off in order to ride the bus and needing another ticket for that can be troublesome.

The new system, designed for the multiple public transport systems in Bangkok, is slated for partial introduction sometime midyear, around June, according to a transport official.  According to the official, Peraphon Thawornsupacharoen, the transport secretary will not only be used by the electric rail systems in the city; which include the BTS Skytrain, the Purple Line, the Blue Line and the Airport Rail Link, but also by the bus transport system.

The operator of the city’s bus system; the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, will start an auction to find a firm that will handle the system for the bus system, with the five-year contract clocking in with a value of Bt 1.8B.

However, since this is only a partial launch, only a small portion of the buses will use the new ticket system in June, about 100 out of 2,600.

According to the official, each station is to have at least one entrance and exit for the new system, at least during the initial deployment of the common ticketing system, which is expected to be fully operational by year’s end.

Mr. Peraphon followed up by stating that every transport system has their own system for ticketing, and this variance in structure meant that each system would take their own time in adopting the new ticket system. He states that the buses led by the BMTA, based on current circumstance, will adopt the system first, with the BTS, Airport Rail Link, the Purple Line, and then, finally, the Blue Line following in sequence. He also states that they expect that other, non-transport services, join the system, which would allow the new card to be used for consumer transactions.

Travelling from your serviced apartment near BTS and taking the Blue Line might no longer be a hassle if the new system is to be of any indication.

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