Be In Family Connecting Rooms In Sukhumvit And Tour Bangkok The Next Day

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand may be filled with traffic jams, but it’s also one of the world’s most fascinating, exciting and incredible city to visit. Just like any other capital around the world, Bangkok never sleeps and can have a huge bunch of activities to do for various locals, expats and tourists. It also feels like home as you can stay in family connecting rooms in Sukhumvit, which you’ll choose for your family’s accommodation.

  • Wat Pho to See the Reclining Buddha

Tour Wat Pho as many travellers want to see this famous attraction. It’s the image of the reclining Buddha which is about 15-metres tall and 46-metres long. The whole statue is covered with gold and can even look incredible when you stay closer. In this temple you’ll find bowls where you can put some coins on it and make a wish. You’ll also want to stop over for traditional Thai massage.

  • The Grand Palace

Of the many places you want to see in Bangkok, you’ll choose the Grand Palace as the best one. You simply cannot head on to another city in Thailand without seeing this magnificent place. It used to be the king’s home and where the government of Thailand held its office. However, you’ll be staying longer here as it covers 214,000 square metres.

  • Ride the Skytrain

You’ll be seeing the entire Bangkok if you board the Skytrain. It’s the fastest and coolest way to tour the city. As traffic jams can take you hours to reach your destination, the Skytrainmoves fast and takes you to places from station to station. You don’t even need to worry if you’ll get lost in the city, as there are signages written in English to show you the directions. You can easily get back to your hotel and into your family connecting rooms in Sukhumvit.

  • A Boat Trip along the Chao Phraya River

Due to the flowing waters of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is considered the ‘Venice of the East’. You can board ferry boats that take you to various places of the city. Here you see skyscrapers of condominiums and hotels, and also wooden shacks and children playing amidst the waters. If you want to explore the city, feel free to get on and off its many stopovers.

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